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With Logixtar®  Tracking system you are the one in control.

Logixtar is much more than GPS tracking. Our applications and platforms allows the strategic management of your mobile assets no matter what is their nature, Our software supports 600+ GPS tracking devices, Logixtar Mobile Tracking Application for: personal use, family members, travelers, business etc. Track your phone online easily We give you friendly interfaces, easy monitoring, custom preferences and more.

6 reasons to choose Tracking Company

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Logixtar Brand

We are a professional group of people specializing in technology and satellite tracking for more than a decade worldwide. Our goal is to support you so you can enjoy your daily life in peace without the worry of where your properties or loved ones are located.

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GPS Devices & Accessories

Logixtar GPS devices are easy to install in any vehicle, no matter what its characteristics. Once coupled with the Logixtar platforms tracking system, our devices give you flexibility and functionality, the best features of our Easy Management tools.

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Logixtar works with biggest GPS trackers manufacturers. Vehicle tracking software supports 600+ GPS tracking devices.

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Powerful Platform

Track: vehicle, bike, boat, mobile, person, pet, etc, powerful features: alerts, reports, sensors etc, works in any country, 20+ languages 24/7 international tech. support

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Worldwide Coverage

Subscription includes GPS tracking software service, mobile app and cellular data service with nearly worldwide roaming (More than +140 countries).

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History & Reports 6

All important reports and history of your tracking vehicles, people or smartphone can now be downloaded in many different formats, including: PDF, XLS, CSV and TXT. Get the reports, such as: the exact location of your following object, the distance traveled, vehicle stopovers, fuel consumptions and driving hours in one place, Logixtar also generates group reports solutions.


Our software supports 600+ GPS tracking devices, If you already have the device, it's not a problem.