Logixtar Mobile Tracker App, Turn mobile phone into GPS Tracker.

  •  Install app & track your cell phone online
  •  See phone's location on PC or another phone
  •  Real time tracking, alerts, preview history etc.
  •  Find lost or stolen mobile phone.
  •  Perfect for family & employees tracking.


Simple & Powerful

  • You don't need a phone number to star to track your mobil, with logixtar you can track your mobile device not your phone      number. Other apps needs a phone number to track, but when you remove the sim card you lose the ability to track it.
  • You can create family groups, works groups and view real time location separate by each group.
  • Receive realtime alerts when your family arrive or leave home, when your kids arrive or leave the school, when your employees leave the geofence, etc.
  • You can control a speed limits, follow your family's behavior.
  • Review 30 days play back, see exactly where were everyone.
  • Track your lost or stolen phone.
  • Create geofence zones on your home, school, work, or anywhere you want.

How to install Logixtar mobile Tracker

  • Go to Logixtar.com sign in and create your account for free,  https://trackerserver.logixtar.com/registration/create
  •  At web platform press the "+" button to add a new device.
  • Give the device a name (For example: "Tracker Steven").
  • Create a Tracker ID, which can contain any characters. (This Tracker ID will be used for logging in to your Logixtar Mobile Tracker Application).
  • Download the Logixtar Mobile Tracker Applicationfrom the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Log in to the Tracker application with the Tracker ID you created on the web platform.
  • After logging in make sure to allow location access.
  • Go to the in-app settings and be sure press the "Enable Tracker" switch to start tracking.
  • Check the web platform. In a few minutes (depending on your frequency rate) you'll see the location of your phone on map.