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Where are your Assets

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Track your asset and equipment always and forever

Real Time

Know in real time where are your family, pets, vehicle, assets or valuables of any size, with the most powerful platform and devices.


Create geofences and get a realtime notification alert if your tracker leaves or enters an specific area.


Generate reports as drives and stops, travel sheet, overspeeds, underspeeds, geofence in/out, stops, speed limit, events, service, fuel level, fuel fillings, fuel thefts, Format PDF, HTML, XLS

Take Control

Set up all your devices speed limit, geo-fences, routes etc, and let the application do the work for you, get peace of mind.

History Report

Get and see all of the locations it has been with detailed address information, speed, and time stops.


Set and receive alerts as push notification, SMS and email, alerts as Geofence, battery life, speed, area in/out (Geo-fence), maintenance.

Need Long Battery Life

Asset tracking products can be used for a wide range of applications requiring real-time location reporting such as private investigations, package deliveries, temporary tracking of vehicles, long distance transportation, air cargo tracking, container tracking, endurance racing and a variety of other consumer applications.

Take Control of your Inventory

The GL310MG Logixtar GPS tracker 4G IP67 real time tracking, Know exactly where are your inventory and play back history where were your vehicles, assets or equipment.

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