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Set and receive alerts by Push notification, SMS and email, alerts as Geofence, battery life, speed, area in/out


Discreet and secure

Peace of Mind, Track Vehicle, Asset and People

Track people, family members, vehicle, luggage, equipment, seniors or valuables of any size, Get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves or enter to a geographic area (a geofence), Get alerts for overspeed, SOS button, powered by 4G network.

Slim, Compact and Versatile Portable Device 4G LTE

Logixtar GL310MG can be used to track anything with the most advance precision, Its small size allows it to be placed inconspicuously in a vehicle, with a person or on property. Easily track employees, cars or assets. you can set the time to uploading to every 10 - 30 - 60 sec - 5 min and pay the same monthly fee

OBD II 4G LTE Plug and Track

GV500 Plugs into a vehicle’s OBD port and begins tracking immediately. All vehicles are equipped with an OBD port near the driver’s seat. When the tracker is plugged into this port and the tracker will automatically start reporting its location

GPS Tracker with Extended Battery Tracker  

GPS tracker is a great tracker for cars and assets. It’s easy to use and has a long battery life (2-3 weeks between charges), it is water resistant and you can use the magnet accessory and adhere it to any metal surface.

Discreet and Secure  

Ease and peace of mind

Personal Gps Tracker Two Way Voice 4G LTE

The app allows you to track the device and receive alerts, keeping you in touch with your loved ones at the click of a buttonDesign for monitoring and protecting people and property. In case of emergency, the person can activate it by pressing a SOS button on the unit and the two-way voice communication function allows you to talk with tracking target. keeping busy families connected with tracking information and voice functionality. Besides, it built in 3D G-sensor that can be used for motion/shock alarm, elderly falling, power management, and more.

Business Solutions

Improve your company performance and prevent losses 

Control your Inventory

Logixtar apps make it easy for car dealerships, rental car and auto finance companies to track their assets. Our tracking products give you the tools you need to reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow. Logixtar tracking lets you focus on sales and makes recoveries easy.

Tracking Trucks as never been Easier and Powerful.

Your business depends on efficiency from your fleet, including planning the best routes, ensuring driver safety, and reducing fuel costs. Logixtar Fleet Tracking is an affordable way to improve your business operations.

Find and Protect your Assets & Equipment

Logixtar Asset Trackers make it quite easy to keep track of the equipment you care about most. it’s important that managers and teams in the construction industry have access to location and behavior data of vehicles, people, tools, and equipment.

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