Activating Devices Guide

Create your account, add your devices and choose your subscription plan 

New Customer 

Just 6 Steps 

 Create an user

1- Choose an email. 

2- Create a password and confirm the email, this email will be use to log in to Logixtar platform and receive information about your account.

Fill personal info

1- Fill your personal information, phone number (use the prefix "+" plus country code) example +1 994 535 3245 

2- First name.

3- Last name.

4- Create a security PIN of 4 digits, this code will be required in the future.

3  Add your device

1- Choose a device number for example: Mike, Ana, Van, Truck etc. It is use for identify the GPS tracker name on the map. 

2- Write the IMEI device code, IMEI is the identification number and it is at the back of all tracker devices. 

3- Select type and model device you ordered.

4- Select what will be the purpose of this device.

4  Select your plan  

1- Choose the most convenient plan for you. 

2- Pay monthly.

3- Pay annually and get up to 40% off.

Review and Checkout  

Review and verify your order.

Start to track

Start to track or setup another device.

For new Customers

Activating devices video tutorial 

Active  Customers

Adding devices video tutorial 

Not Contract 

 Cancel Anytime

Life Time 


24/7 Help


Feel free to contact us for support

  This plan subscription will be charged every month or every year to your credit or debit card.

Cancelation Policy: For subscription cancelation, go to the top right section and select the "Device plan" button, select what device you want to cancel and press the button cancel, the device will be active until the end of the subscription bill. If you cancel before of next bill period,  the subscription fully cancels at the end of the current prepaid period. Tracking service continues active until that date.