Tool Sharing 

To access the Sharing tool menu, navigate to Tools -> Sharing.

Once opened, you will be greeted with the following menu:

To created a shareable link, select the devices from the list that you'd like to be displayed in the map for others to see.

There are 3 options for durations:

None - The link will last indefinetaly until it is deleted.

Duration - The link will be accessible for a specific duration, which is up to 180 minutes.

Date - A specific date can be set until the sharing link will expire.

Delete after expiration - this option is available when an expiration time/date is set for the link to delete it once it is expired.

Below the devices, there is an option to enter an email(s) to send a link as soon as it is created.

To view, edit and delete the created sharing links, navigate to "Sharings" from the top of the menu.